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My first EDC was probably one of the most enchanting and magical experiences of my entire life. There was so much that happened and so many good friends I got to spend so many good times with. In the end I have not a single complaint or regret even if during the weekend there were tiny things that bugged me. Here’s a list of highlights of my first EDC week and weekend:

1. Countless driving hours spent mostly in good company of people I never knew much about but gladly found more about them.

2. I got to see friends I haven’t seen for a year or more—from Michigan, Hawaii, even found my best friend from 7th grade under the electric sky. Even got to meet a few people I’ve been wanting to meet for the longest time (although I missed a few… oh well, another time!). I also met other new friends that are pretty damn fun people to hang around.

3. I didn’t even plan this trip until Monday the week of EDC. Seriously thanks to everybody who helped me out. So many things would not have been possible without my friends for EDC. Which brings me to the “what are the odds of this happening” part of my weekend!

4. STORYTIME (this is long but so essential in my experience) I met this girl who perhaps made my first EDC my best, and possibly most emotional one I’ll ever experience. Another EDC would not be the same without her if I were to go to another one.

Lets first keep in mind I’ve clicked with all kinds of people in my life ranging from cool friends to actual girls I’ve dated—I’m a very people oriented person, no doubt, so it’s very easy for me to just talk to people most of the time.

She tapped me on the shoulder midway through Kaskade’s set on day 2 and asked me if I could record and send some of the videos to her because her phone was too full to record and then put her name and number in my phone. After the set ended she told me she lost her friends so I invited her to hang with mine with me.

The moment we fucking grabbed hands to stay together through the crowd I had this crazy gutwrenching feeling. I’ve held plenty of hands before, but holy shit this was just dumbfounding. I looked back at her and she had the biggest smile on her face and I think I must’ve had the weirdest huge smile on mine too.

I spent the rest of night 2 with her and we pretty much didn’t let go of each other unless it was to go crazy to some Excision or hardstyle or to pee or something. When we took breaks to sit and just talk (and maybe kiss a little) the freakiness just continued to unfold—specific songs we both like that none of either of our friends likes, completing each other’s sentences, words we both use that nobody else does—the list just goes on and on. Like really, who else in this damn world says miffed besides me? Apparently she does…

We met up night 3 again and the emotions just kept on going. Sang Sun & Moon at A&B to/with her and sorta spent the rest of the night after that quite floored and unable to bring ourselves to move. I would’ve been more frustrated with not being able to see some of the artists/DJ’s I really wanted to see, but I was with her and seriously everything was okay. I didn’t mind not knowing where my friends were at all and I didn’t mind not seeing Angerfist or Zeds Dead or Bassnectar—we were at the bamboo forest right next to both stages so I didn’t mind.

I remember the whole of night 3 perfectly even though I was so gone. Probably the memory that I will never forget is finally coming down from the ridiculously intense night with her while laying on the grass with my head on her thigh and she finally sat up and looked down at me and bright red fireworks went off up above/behind her head while she peered down at me. My jaw literally dropped I probably looked so dumb. It felt like the weekend had turned into some cheesy romantic movie.

This EDC came with the first time I’ve ever felt any sort of genuine “spark” of feeling and deep, deep connection with anybody in my life. It wasn’t even precisely sexual or a simple mutual attraction, but something on somewhat of a deeper level.

She lives in Texas, I don’t know where this will go in life, only time will tell—I can hope it moves toward serious relationship over time—but she’s a huge part of the reason my EDC was the best weekend of my entire life and I will never forget her nonetheless. We aren’t an official thing yet, I want to get to know her better before I walk into any sort of long distance thing. But yeah, my EDC was flawless in every way.


I’m reading this shit and I’m like that’s actually fucking cute and I just bust up at the comment lmfao

ITS BECAUSE ITS TRUE. he passed out at the burrito place we went to, and he was really mad because it was like 6 am and we were still dancing and saying shit like IS IT DAY 3 YET . and he was like guys please CAN YOU NOT. hahah 

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